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 Why Use An Acari Drill Free Mounting Platform?

• Drill holes in the platform, NOT THE CAB ROOF. The platform securely attaches to the cab's roof with its revolutionary clamp and gasket system through the third brake light opening.
• Mount your warning lights, antennas, work lights and other essential accessories without drilling any holes in your roof.
• The ACARI RTM System is manufactured in high quality, 6063 anodized aluminum with high impact ABS end caps and is made entirely in the United States, which makes the product sturdy and dependable.
• Perfect for large fleets or single vehicle applications.
• Flexibility to customize your vehicles with equipment needed for any type of job.
• Eliminates lease penalties, rust, scratches and exposed wires.
• Low profile solutions for your equipment mounting needs.
• The platform can be transferred to other trucks in your fleet.


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